Attendance and Labor Tracking

Product of GBMS

GBMS Attendance and Labor Tracking

GBMS Attendance and Labor Tracking uses the most advanced automated data collection technology and equipment to record employee timecard and labor information. Replacing most of the manual record keeping associated with time clocks and punch cards, this computerized system maintains the flexibility to handle shift changes, sick leave, vacations, and other variable factors your company requires.

Employees are issued bar coded identification badges that can be printed with a photo using a laser printer or specialized badge printer. Employees scan their badges, and GBMS Attendance matches their scans with the user-defined attendance parameters. This module lets companies define an unlimited number of elements, including schedules, attendance rules, holidays, pay codes, and exception codes.

While GBMS Attendance tracks the arrivals, meal breaks, and departures of the employee’s workday, GBMS Labor tracks what the employee worked on and how long he or she spent working on it. Employees use their bar-coded Employee ID card and the bar codes of the Work Orders to scan themselves on and off jobs. Time is tracked against jobs by using automated data collection equipment to log jobs in and out of the defined operations. Supervisors and managers can view the real-time status of their employees’ performance as well as the status of the jobs they are supervising. Accumulated actual time versus standard time can also be monitored as workers log off of jobs.

Product of GBMS

GBMS Attendance and Labor Tracking

GBMS updates attendance and labor information in real-time, providing up-to-the-minute information. Supervisors can query on who has not checked in for work, which employees are scheduled for vacations, which employees left early, and much more. The electronic timecard approval options let supervisors review and approve each employee's timecard and workday with a simple click of the mouse. Or, they can enable the system to automatically approve employee attendance transactions based on the user-defined parameters. Users can access a complete history of employee punctuality and time card information on-line, allowing for easy access 24 hours a day.

GBMS Attendance and Labor Tracking

Features & Functions

The following is a complete list of the available modules / features in the GBMS Warehouse Management Suite. Click on the hyperlinks to view detailed information, including features, screen shots, videos,

Manually or automatically generate work orders. Define work order details, such as BOM and routing, at the item level. Also, specify additional operation and scheduling information, including notes, warehouse, order priority, quantity to build, scheduled start and completion dates, etc.

Store detailed employee data...

GBMS enables you to manually enter employee information, or import it from external payroll or HR software. Each employee's electronic record holds both company and personal information, as well as HR, performance and certification details.

The available fields include:

Employee ID, name, address, status, job title, last punch, supervisor, number of badges issued, image, contacts, credit / labor unions, insurance, banked hours, birth date, hire date, pay rate, social security number, payroll number, deductions, performance review date, past and future pay rates, and more.

You can also create user-defined fields to capture additional information for reference and reporting purposes.

Store detailed information for each employee. For example, record the employee ID, name, job title, supervisor, company, and badge ID. Even display a picture of the employee!

Generate employee attendance transactions from a data collection device or via the user interface. Attendance behavior is then immediately available for viewing, editing or reporting purposes. Automatically generate exceptions that may be approved or overridden by a supervisor. See Attendance Transactions In Action. Easily set up how employees are paid overtime or double time. Set up overtime pay on a daily/weekly basis; or, define exactly what day and time span will be allotted for Regular, Overtime, and/or Double time pay.
Set up each company, division, site, department, and employee with its own set of rules that control the attendance decision-making process. For example, define an unlimited number of schedules, attendance rules (e.g., overtime, meal deductions), exceptions, holidays, pay codes, and security levels.
Use GBMS' Badge Picture Capture and printing utility to record employees' photos and copy them into their electronic records. You can then immediately print and issue bar-coded employee ID cards, which can be customized with the company name, logo, and "if found, please return to..." information.
Track basic certification, licensing, and training course completion. Record the employee's dates of completion, grades earned, and any expiration dates for each certificate / license awarded. Add custom fields to record additional information.
Identify how many visitors and employees are on the company's premises at any time, and what areas they can enter. Create an unlimited number of access control profiles. Record on premise and off-premise transactions.

Annual Summary - A 12-month calendar that displays earned exception points, and lists all non-working days (e.g., sick days, vacation days) accumulated by the employee

Approaching Overtime - Lists all employees who are within "x" numbers of earning overtime for a specified week

Banked Hours - Lists all accrued hours by pay code

Department Labor Distribution - Lists in detail all labor hours across departments

Device Polling Summary - Lists the number of transactions polled from each device over a specified date range

Employees Not Checked IN - Lists all employees who should be clocked IN, but are not clocked IN

Exception and Absenteeism - A detailed listing, by employee, of all earned exceptions

Pay Code History - Lists all pay codes and hours accumulated by employee

Scheduled Pay - Lists all scheduled vacations and other scheduled non-working hours for days in the future

Scheduled Pay - Lists all scheduled vacations and other scheduled non-working hours for days in the future

System Transaction Log - Displays a detailed log of every transaction processed by the system

Time Card - A detailed employee time card run for a specified date range

Time Card Batch - Summarizes employee time card report run for a specified date range

Time Card Batch - Summarizes employee time card report run for a specified date range

Unapproved Transaction - Lists in detail of all unapproved transactions

Weekly Coverage - Displays a headcount of all employees scheduled to work by shift

Attendance Rule Listing - Lists all Attendance Rules and the parameters defined within each rule

Department List - Lists all departments

Employee Master List - Lists all active employees

Employee Name Labels - Prints employee names on standard sized labels

Employee Phone List - Lists employees and their phone numbers (home, cell, pager, etc.)

Employees by Department - Lists all employees by department

Human Resources File - Lists all company and personal information by employee

Punch Status (IN/OUT) - Lists all employees who are either clocked IN or OUT

Schedule Listing - Lists in detail all schedules, including scheduled start and stop times, meal breaks, and assigned employees

Team Listing - Lists all teams

Course Listing - Lists all training and certification courses

Employee Certification - Lists all certifications and licenses held by each employee

Access Log - Displays a detailed log of all Access Control transactions

On-Premise - Lists all employees who are on the premise

Profile Listing - Lists in detail all Access Control profiles as well as the employees who are assigned to each profile

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