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Geneva Systems is dedicated to providing excellent and responsive support. We offer a range of support options for all of our products so that you can select the plan that best suits your company's needs. As a top reseller for the major automated data collection hardware manufacturers (including Intermec, Symbol and Datamax), we recommend and provide extended service contracts for all the ADC devices offered with our system. Geneva Systems' support department provides professional technical support with representatives who are thoroughly familiar with GBMS software, hardware and interfaces.

For all of its support packages, Geneva Systems offers real-time, interactive system support powered by GoToMeeting a llows our support staff and customers to arrange meetings and share software applications using a standard web browser. Customers can take advantage of this same technology for remote training sessions; having everyone in the same room is not a requirement. With our online support and training center, you can even invite people to join a session with just a moment's notice. In addition, all these training session can be captured by video and send to our customer for the future references

Online Help and Tutorials

Incorporated into the GBMS application are individualized training videos that visually illustrate specific processes, such as creating and approving orders, entering items, performing inventory inquiries, processing transactions via a hand-held device, and more. These demonstrations are complete with voice-over narrations and walk users step-by-step through a wide range of tasks. The training tools complement the interactive GBMS Book Online as well as detailed reference information provided in the application's context-sensitive help

Help Desk

The GBMS Help Desk is designed to serve as a complete online reference for system service and support. This interactive tool puts companies in direct contact with Geneva Systems support specialists for personalized customer service. The Help Desk enables companies to:

  • Request enhancements
  • Report incidents
  • Manage problems
  • View known issues and solutions
  • Ask questions about features or functionality
  • Request additional reports or customizable features

Phone Support

800-geneva8 (800-436-3828 )

Support Packages

Support package pricing varies according to products being services. Please contact Geneva Systems for a quotation on one of its many business management solutions.

GBMS Support

Specific Support Package

Click on one of the following links to see detailed information about a specific support package

The Basic Support package is an annual subscription that provides customers with support via telephone and remote connection during standard business hours.

This package includes:

  • Support between 08:00 AM and 17:00 AM Pacific Standard Time ( PST), Monday-Friday, excluding holidays. Support will be via telephone, analog modem connection, VPN or via the Internet
  • Free software updates
  • Free software upgrades (pursuant to terms listed in Article V of the System Purchase & License Agreement)

* Maintenance support is provided as an annual contract

The Enhanced Support package provides customers with round-the-clock technical support via telephone and remote connection. This package includes:
  • Unlimited 24x7 support 365 days/year
  • Support will be via telephone, analog modem connection, VPN or via the Internet; the remote connection will use one of the following tools: Microsoft NT Remote Administration Services, Symatec's PCAnywhere, Microsoft Windows Terminal Services, or WebEx
  • Free software updates & service packs
  • Free software upgrades (pursuant to terms listed in Article V of the System Purchase & License Agreement)
  • Reduced rate for on-site support
  • Guaranteed response time

* All Support activity is managed and tracked by our GBMS-Help Desk solution tool.

* Maintenance support is provided as an annual contract

Sometimes an issue requires the attention that can only be provided in person. For these situations, Geneva Systems offers on-site support services, dispatching a senior system specialist to the customer location. For companies that have already purchased the Enhanced or Basic Support package, on-site support is offered at a discounted rate. Customers receive eight hours per day of support purchased. Travel expenses are not included.

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