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About GBMS

Freedom to Focus on Your Business

GBMS provides you with a flexible solution that enables you to

We tailor the GBMS software to meet your exact needs. We work closely with you using our proven methodology and tools. Together, we map out your business processes and identify your competitive strengths

Every time a transaction is posted—anywhere within the system—all customer, vendor, account, and item totals are given in real time. You can zero in on details by filtering information (e.g., by date, account, or item number) and always rely on the absolute accuracy of the information.

All your business information—customer, product, inventory, sales is integrated, so you can make better decisions. You know which accounts need your immediate attention, and which can wait. And you can target your sales and marketing campaigns based on specific criteria, such as sales, contact profiles, and previous interactions.

About GBMS

Provide Customers with Quality Service

GBMS will help you

  • Provide your employees with easier and quicker access to the customer data they need to do their jobs
  • Link all of your customer records together in one place
  • Help your marketing, sales, and customer service teams work more cohesively
  • Make it easier for your customers to contact you and get the information they need about their account, orders, or shipments
  • Make your customers feel that they are indeed your most valuable asset

Sales and customer service features of the software solution include:

  • Lead and opportunity management
  • A complete view of customer history
  • Automated incident management
  • Searchable knowledgebase
  • Reporting tools for accurate forecasting and accurate measurement of business activity and employee performance

Way to grow:

Select software and services that can change with your business See how your choices of applications and IT tools help you succeed throughout the life of your business

A critical task in running a successful business over time is managing change. Market trends, customer preferences, supplier relationships, availability of labor and skills, and many other elements of your operation are always in flux. Even positive change, such as business growth, can bring challenges. Your business infrastructure and support systems need to be able to adapt to changes. On this page, you’ll find tips and steps to select the right technology to keep your business growing.

Don’t let systems hinder growth

You don’t want to impose artificial limitations on your growth. If you started out managing your business with paper-based processes and a basic accounting software, sooner or later you might find that you and your staff spend too much time administrating as opposed to creating value, and that an entry-level software product can’t get you further than across a very low threshold. It may not accommodate more complex accounting procedures, restrict the number of users, or not offer the kind of reporting and insight that help you direct the organization’s success.

Accommodate steady growth on a single technology platform

Imagine starting with a small team and a relatively small operation, using inexpensive, comfortable software tools for accounting and other tasks. As the business becomes more complex and offers more products and services to increasing numbers of customers, it requires more capable accounting and a higher level of management control. You don’t throw out the software you are using—you simply extend it by upgrading to the next level. You can use the same skills and do many things in the same way, only with more impact. And even later, when your business may encompass several locations or engage in international markets, you take the technology a step further. You continue to practice excellent financial management with an integrated software solution that also helps you run your other lines of business—distribution, manufacturing, sales, human resources, and more.

About GBMS

Establish starting points for efficient financial management

We offer you the technology, tools, and expertise to grow your business organically and in a way you like. Consider, for example, financial management. Our Software supports all financial management functions that are critical in your business.

About GBMS

Continue to increase the value of your investment

As our GBMS’ software accommodates the growth of your business, some things nonetheless remain the same. You and your employees can operate within the same software environment, building on existing skills. Fully integrate with Financial applications, so business information is easily available for communications, documents, spreadsheets, reporting, and other tasks.

Throughout the life of your business, you experience the powerful support from Geneva Systems and can tap into the resources of the Geneva support for any given need who understand your business requirements and can design the most effective technology for the best results. Finally, the return on your investments in technology, skills, and business processes continues to increase the more you grow and accomplish.

Take a holistic technology approach to continuous improvement

The GBMS.Net platform technology at work in your organization is firmly rooted within the context of the Microsoft platform with continuous improvement and enhancement for all products. As the solid ground layer of your business management solution, Geneva Systems delivers the most effective and reliable system for your business, as well as other products that boost your ability to succeed no matter what stage you find yourself in. Using Microsoft SQL Server extends your infrastructure with capabilities for managing communications, collaboration, and other business processes.

What to do next

You can begin making use of GBMS software at any phase in your business lifecycle. If you are not certain how to start evaluating your business software requirements, we can help you establish a reliable roadmap for the business management infrastructure that’s best for you. You will set goals and identify your business requirements. We can help you translate those requirements into practical business technology that can support and enhance the accomplishment of your objectives no matter how far you go. Please contact us for more information.

About GBMS

Let your business fulfill its potential

Geneva Systems through our Geneva Business Management System Enterprise suite will help demonstrate the range and flexibility of the technology.

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