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GBMS Order Management

GBMS Sales facilitates the entire order processing life cycle and its related functions, such as prospect and customer information management, proposal and quote creation, sales pipeline monitoring, multiple pricing models, sales order entry, inventory allocation, shipping, manifesting, invoicing, customer returns (RMA), integration to financial systems and GBMS eCommerce.

Completely integrate the sales module with manufacturing, purchasing, inventory, and eCommerce to eliminate errors and increase business process efficiency. This integration allows support for purchase-to-order, build-to-order, configure-to-order, B2B, and B2C.

GBMS Order Management

Features and Benefits

Create Quotation, after approval can be automatically be converted to the Sales Order
Submit pricing, terms of sale, and descriptions of goods and services offered to prospects and customers. Easily convert quotes to orders. Quickly generate shipments, invoices, pick lists, PO's and work orders. Drill down to related documents directly from the sales order screen.
  1. In addition to regular order entry management, GBMS provides Sales Order import's tool which has been mapped to our requirement of order entry of our application, therefore your client can create their order from their legacy system and inserted in the FTP site (need to be set up and maintain by you on your site), then our import tool automatically will capture these orders and mapped them to our sales/ order form. ( This tool will also inform your client of any default import data in the event the data that your client transmitted does not match with our mapping requirement.
  2. Visual Multi-Line Order Entry included (Select multiple items and view product information and product image. Items may be accesses using the item ID or by use of selection filters that are based on the Year, Make, Model and Category for the item.)
Make convenient, order-specific changes to the bill of material and routing configuration of built, assembled and kit items during order entry. For example, edit sub-assembly items and quantities.
Enter and maintain detailed billing and shipping information about your customers. Track information, such as address, sales history, terms of payment, sales tax, contacts, and customized fields.
Credit Memos, & Debit Memos — Integrate with sales orders to allow for quick approval. Locate the originating order and return specific order lines, or create returns without requiring back-up documents. Also, issue credits or debits without inventory transactions.
Create invoices directly from the Shipments screen, or use a batch invoice feature to generate invoices for all closed shipments based on date range, bill-to customer, ship-to customer, and shipment ID range.
Track account information for sales reps and organizations. Group customers and account reps into sales territories and through Commission Plan feature you can easily assigned each of these plan to each sales Representative.
Store each item's SRP and cost, as well as create multiple cost schedules, item price lists, and discount schedules that can be assigned.

Highlighted features of Item Pricing update module:

  1. The user will identify the items to be updated by using the filter components to target a group of items
    • It could be a range of items
    • It could be all items in a category
    • It could be all items for a vendor
    • It could be a subset or combination of the above, etc.…
  2. The user clicks on the Search Items button to populate the grid with the items based on the filter criterion
  3. The user can choose to display EITHER the Item Price Levels OR a SINGLE Vendor Price Level
    • If the user selects the Vendor Price Level, then only the items for the vendor that is identified in the filter will be displayed
    • If no vendor is selected in the filter and the user selects the Vendor Price Level, then no results should be displayed
  4. Next, the user can either manually modify the pricing in the grid or they can use the options in the Adjust Pricing section to specify how the price will be changed
  5. Next, the user selects what gets changed – again, this is dependent on the user’s privileges
Ship goods to customers' consignment warehouse and effectively track inventory levels.
  1. Over the counter
  2. Will call feature
  3. Drop Ship Capability
  4. Complete Invoicing options
    • Invoice by e-mail
    • Invoice for Partial payment
    • Invoice for Recurring
    • Invoice with shipment
    • Schedule invoicing: daily, weekly, monthly
    • Support Front Counter sales- Direct over the counter and Will Call sales
    • Includes customer and vendor pricing updates tools

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