MRP-Manufacturing Execution and Shop Floor Control

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MRP-Manufacturing Execution and Shop Floor Control

Uncomplicate Your Complicated Manufacturing Processes with Geneva Systems, Inc. Transform your extensive manufacturing processes into easily accessible, efficient procedures. We offer bar code-based solution that enables you to electronically and efficiently track the status of your products, orders and employees. Discover a new ease in manufacturing when you can effectively locate, control and analyze the various components of your manufacturing business from anywhere.

We know the pain of manufacturing. Trying to manage inventory, shipping and receiving methods while tracking orders through work order, parts and people can feel like trying to manage the four corners of the world. And with multiple cycles, routes and transactions, running your manufacturing business can often time feel like running a maze. What if you could track and control your processes without having to be in the warehouse or on the shop floor/ Manufacturing? What if there was a solution that could find exactly what you want at the moment you want it?

We offer bar code-based solution to transform your maze of paper trails, operations and transactions into easily accessible, simplified procedures. Automated data collection provides real-time information so you can easily and immediately find the accurate status of your products, operations and employees.

Delivers detailed information at your fingertips with easy access to critical business information from any machine through the Internet. And less paper means less delays and errors—so you can better track and control movement throughout your manufacturing organization for accurate, effective information and transaction management.

wide scope of functionality covers all aspects of manufacturing processes—and beyond—through a variety of integrated modules that can be used separately or as a suite, and will expand to fit your unique needs.

Our Product

MRP/Manufacturing Execution and SFC

Our Work-in-Process(WIP) through MRP/Manufacturing execution function with Automatic data collection equipment is used to track the quantity and status of products as they move through operations in the manufacturing process. The system replaces much of the manual and keyboard record-keeping process and allows precise, up-to-the-minute information on every work order, lot, and part, at each stage of production.

Once the Work Order has been issued to the shop floor/Manufacturing floor, an optional ID label/tag can be printed. This label is used throughout the manufacturing process to capture status information. Serial and lot-controlled items can have that information included on the ID label. Test results, failure codes, and repair information can also be captured in this module. The system can direct routing of goods based on failure codes, where each failure code can be assigned to a specific repair workstation.

The MRP/Manufacturing Exectuion module allows for automatic movement of items from one operation to the next, or the option to enforce discrete movement between operations. The latter method increases the visibility of queue times between operations and enhances the ability to physically locate an item on the shop floor.

Detailed sub-assembly information, such as serial or lot numbers, can be attached to the upper assembly for a complete history of a “finished goods as-built” configuration. In addition, user-defined prompts can be added during the configuration process to capture serial or lot-specific information. When used in conjunction with the Order Entry module, the system can track the manufactured item all the way to when it was sold and to which customer.

Sub-contract feature in MRP/Manufacturing Exectuion module as part of one of the operation allows Purchase Orders to be generated directly from a Work Order, in order to track services that are out-sourced to sub-contract vendors. Sub-Contract items can then be shipped to a sub-contractor vendor through this module, with ability to print all the related shipping documents and labels. Shipments to, and receipts from, the sub-contractor are captured in detail and saved in history tables of work order. A report allows the reconciliation of these two numbers for open balances that constitute inventory at the vendor site.

At the end of the manufacturing process, a finished goods label, including graphics and serial/lot information ( if requires) , can be printed. Companies can define a custom label design for each product to fit its particular physical size and information requirements.

MRP/Manufacturing Exectuion module is geared for any industry ranging from electronics to food and beverage. Companies use automated data collection equipment to track material usage against work orders. Users can define detailed bill of material (BOM) information for each manufactured/production item, with optional item genealogy tracking of the serial / lot number from the component pieces to the finished products, including expiration date if needed. The sub-contracting feature of this module allows purchase orders to be generated directly from a work order to track services that are out-sourced to sub-contract vendors.

Replacing much of the manual and keyboard record-keeping process, this module takes advantage of RF wireless hand-held devices or wedge scanners for fast, efficient barcode data collection on the production. MRP/Manufacturing Execution module is fully integrated to all other Geneva Systems module such as Front Office (Order Management, Purchase order, WMS and incorporate the Attendance and Labor functionality.


Additional Features/Functions

  • Monitor the progress of work orders at the operation level. Provide visibility of where an order is and how many have been completed or scraped at any given level.
  • Allow labor transactions against operations that only have quantities available to process.
  • Have immediate visibility of who worked on a job, when they worked on it, and where they worked on it.
  • Track queues between manufacturing operations – i.e., view detail on when an operation was completed vs. when the next operation was actually started.
  • Choose between the capture and generation of serial and lot information for manufactured items.
  • Maintain a list of materials used against work orders.
  • Record packaging information and generate serialized package labels for containerized items.
  • Split work orders so that a portion of the work order may proceed while another portion is held up for quantity control or material shortage.
  • Maintain test and repair information and retain for analysis.
  • Define test and repair codes specific to your company’s operations.
  • Support of back flushing of material when integrated with the WMS module.
  • Rejection of invalid transactions and real-time communication of error messages to the operator.
  • Allow out-of-sequence completions.
  • Allow labor on sequences with no available quantity.
  • Allow completion of the first sequence to increase the planned quantity.
  • Allow sequences to be completed below the planned quantity.
  • Auto-move completed quantities to the next sequence.
  • Allow multiple lots to be completed from a single work order.
  • Limit material issue to items in the Bill of Material.
  • Limit material issue to items in the Part Master.
  • Allow new batches to increase the planned quantity.

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