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Capture all the important information and data of your current and future customer relationships to help your team quickly identify opportunities at each stage in the sales cycle, as well as after sales support.

All businesses need to build excellent customer relationships, support, and services, but small business, and especially those looking to establish themselves, need to pay particularly close attention to providing excellent customer service.

In today's very competitive business environment, having a fully integrated CRM with your ERP system is not only beneficial to your organization, but is often entirely necessary. GBMS’ CRM helps increase company productivity and offers managers insight into their teams’ activities.


Highlighted Features and Functions

Capture all the important elements of your customer’s and prospect’s information, such as, phone calls, emails, quotations, opportunities, sales orders, and contracts
Record successful collaboration stories
Automate of day to day sales and marketing activities
Use GBMS’ Workflow to extend your CRM’s capabilities even further
A key feature of any CRM system is its ability to integrate with external applications. Integration with an organization’s existing ERP is crucial when you try to collect and maintain accurate customer information. Since GBMS’ CRM is fully integrated to all the modules of GBMS, this will streamline integration between Sales, Marketing, Inventory, Work in Process, and Customer Support functions.
When business qualifies a lead, it becomes an opportunity. An opportunity is a potential revenue generating contact or account. If a business does not nurture contacts or accounts properly, it will lose selling opportunity. Opportunity Management enables business to manage and monitor sales and provides necessary info to complete the sales process.

Almost every business needs to access customer data outside its office space. GBMS’ CRM with mobile compatibility ensures that you can access data anytime, anywhere.

Web-based / Cloud-Based CRM or on-premise CRM deployment

Use your CRM online through your desktop or mobile browser/app.

GBMS’ CRM tracks the billing and invoicing status of each customer by access to our integrated accounting system. This keeps your financial information organized and reviews things such frequency or timeliness of payments.
Marketing campaigns can be planned effectively Manage your entire sales campaign from a single UI.
Improve your quality of lead generation
Increase your efficiency by fully integrated to our GBMS -ERP system
A growing number of businesses are looking at VoIP's cost, productivity and efficiency benefits and are deciding that the technology makes a good fit with their CRM systems. Besides its cost
You now gain all of the automation and the organization of a dedicated email client inside of your CRM user interface

e.g. Outlook ,Office 365

Organize leads lists by geographic location and assign to respective sales representatives.
The more customization, the more CRM flexibility available. advantages, VoIP allows businesses to document interactions between employees and clients, a capability that isn't generally possible with traditional telephony. The information collected can be viewed alongside customer transaction data, enabling a business to get clearer profiles of its customers. Additionally, IP telephony transfers voice in data packets, which makes the technology relatively simple to integrate with GBMS’ CRM applications. Another advantage is that VoIP can be hosted remotely, making it easy for a mobile workforce to user
Despite all of the advantages of investing in a CRM, the fact of the matter is that a CRM won’t increase your revenue by a single cent unless your employees are willing to use it. For this reason, GBMS’ CRM is easy to understand, intuitive to use, fully integrated to the core application of GBMS, and has straightforward and easily understandable reports. Don’t take on more than you can handle, because an over-complicated CRM may be just as bad as having no CRM at all.

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