Third Party Logistics (3PL) - Features

GBMS 3PL Module

Features and Benefits

  • Support for a single or multi warehouse environment
  • Manage inventory by lot number, lot date, serial number, and expiration date
  • Send advance shipment notifications (ASN) electronically to suppliers or retailers
  • Wireless mobile barcode scanning for increased accuracy
  • Manage full kitting and assembly functions
  • Customer profiling
  • Provide the ability to view, add to, or change orders on demand. With GBMS 3PL, your customers can look at their inventory and create a picking or receiving order in the GBMS -WMS system instantly
  • Complete order management with direct EDI support, order imports from Excel and other format, or manual data entry by your warehouse staff or your customers
  • Advanced Purchasing module -Available for each customer
  • Schedule cycle counts & physical inventory for each customer
  • Import Tools (Completely pre-mapped to GBMS database) is part of this system which can be used to import Item, Customer, Contact, Ship To, Vendor and much more information to newly created Database assigned to each new 3PL customer. This import tools has audit trail and error handling functionalities which will save a lot of time to define wrong /not acceptable data in during course of importing data.
  • Based on the access that you grant to each customer your customers are able to view, track, and create sales and purchase orders against their inventory at any time online.
  • All shipping documents such as packing list, required certificates if any as well as invoices can be created under the name of your 3PL customer and be sent on their behalf to their clients.
  • Customers can monitor their entire inventory at various warehouse sites or for a specific site, job, or order.
  • Customer can view and edit existing orders to see what's active or what's been closed. They will know what on-hand inventory is available for each item based on what's been released for picking and what's due in for receiving.
  • GBMS 3PL validates all function of tracibity that assigned to any Item Products such as serial & lot, expiration tacking or will show when an item is expired and needs to be removed from the available inventory.
  • Ability to navigate between each 3PL customer database without logging out (This feature is also available in out GBMS Bar code wireless Hand Held devices if is being used).

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